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POSTED February 24 2020

From the Atlas, Todos Santos: come to Todos Santos for elemental nature, empty beaches, ranchero music blaring from old pick up...

POSTED October 07 2019

From the Atlas, Tbilisi:

Cover. the boho manifesto 366 xxx

POSTED June 20 2019

at long last! my latest book The Boho Manifesto is out in the world. it was quite a journey researching and writing this humorous love letter about the boho realm I inhabit. I learned so much (about everything from tantra to meditating to microdosing) and am excited to share all the beautiful nuggets and insight I found with you. The book is available at major booksellers and on Amazon. thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy it x Julia x

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POSTED March 01 2019

I've been thinking a lot about calendars lately: Mayan, lunar, Hijri... to name a few. some operate by moon cycles, other by solar rotations, and some by both called "lunisolar." since calendars are constructs of society I thought it might be fun to have a Gypset calendar. it would include celestial and cosmic happpenings like persiod meteor showers-- but also earthly happenings that I want to attend like the Bombay Beach Biennale in the California desert and Mezcal Amores party in Oaxaca. so starting now I'm going to start listing these events here on and on my instagram @gypset_official  stay tuned!

POSTED October 25 2018

From the Atlas, Test

POSTED October 25 2018

From the Atlas, Trancoso

POSTED October 25 2018

From the Atlas, Mykonos

POSTED October 24 2018

From the Atlas, utopic city

POSTED October 24 2018

From the Atlas, Esalen

POSTED February 28 2018

From the Atlas, Tulum

POSTED February 23 2018

From the Atlas, Oaxaca City

POSTED February 23 2018

From the Atlas, Arcosanti

POSTED October 23 2017

From the Atlas, Havana: to have fun in Havana all you have to do is meet people. Put out good energy and the city will op...

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Corumbau:

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Sayulita:

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Santa Teresa:

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Panarea :

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Madagascar: Friends of mine that are into evironmentalism and animal conservation tell me that Madagascar is ...

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Jaipur: Jaipur reminds me a bit of the Beatnik scene in Greenwich Village or North Beach in the 1950's. E...

POSTED October 09 2017

From the Atlas, Bonjuk Bay:

POSTED October 06 2017

From the Atlas, Oman

POSTED October 06 2017

From the Atlas, Marfa

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POSTED October 02 2017

Are you a Microguru? In the 60's the Beatles trekked to an ashram in India to find their guru. But now almost everyone has something to teach. Self discovery and mindfulness are so widespread that guru-ism is more egalitarian. To be a Micro-guru you need only to have moderate charisma, a refined message, and a following of just a few. Here are some of my latest microguruisms... 1) No Rules. stop doing what's appropriate or socially expected. Instead, do what you want and do it your way. 2) Be the sun not a planet. Find your center and dont chase other people's dreams. 3) Randomness and spontaneity. Clear a space in your life for these things to occur frequently. Do go to the wierd sounding art exhibit 45 minutes away. Experiences are never a waste of time.  4) Practice conceptual absurdity. take silliness much further, thats where creativity lies. 5) Meandering and Goals are not at odds. Do set goals but then take a winding, indirect path to get there. It will be much more fun and you will be more interesting.

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POSTED November 30 2016

I took a safari in Kenya's Rift Valley and it was one of the most profound experiences. I stayed at an ecolodge and when the sunset we headed out on safari in an old jeep 

Ibiza 366 xxx

POSTED October 12 2016

Hanging out at the Utopia bar. Ibiza, 1070's

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POSTED September 26 2016

Rodarte's SS17 collection is so Gypset.. Stevie Nick's lace with a heart in the middle. I'm so inspired! 

Panarea2 366 xxx

POSTED May 05 2016

Summer plans?! Gypset x Yoga For Bad People are hosting a retreat on the very chic Italian island of Panarea July 24-30. click here to see the images,  there's a arrow on the right you can click to scroll. See you there! xx Julia xx

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POSTED February 02 2016

treehouse pret a porter: my Gypset Sabrina mini dress. photographed in Sayulita, Mexico. available now in the Gypset "store"

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POSTED January 04 2016

just cruising around in Havana, Cuba. 

Gypset ua june2015 12357 v1 final 366 xxx

POSTED December 09 2015

JUST IN for resort 16! the super groovy Sabrina mini dress. Glam Berber meets 1960's mod. available in the Gypset "Store"

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POSTED November 11 2015

the perfect desert perch.... luxury in textiles and nature

Screen shot 2015 10 01 at 1.10.38 pm 366 xxx

POSTED October 01 2015

love this boho dress by Chloe for SS16. it reminds me of Rajasthan, rickshaws, 1970's glam, and swimming...

Patmoscat 366 xxx

POSTED September 11 2015

the island of Patmos. Greece has rocky coves filled with fallen aristocrats and poets without surnames...check out my travel diary on

Screen shot 2015 08 04 at 11.31.01 am 366 xxx

POSTED August 04 2015

I'm co-hosting the @surfrider back yard BBQ benefit in ‪#‎Montauk‬ this Saturday Aug 8 to raise $$ for our oceans and coastlines. Will be a fab night. With DJ's @tennesseebunny and @kealakennelly Tickets available ‪#‎2Coasts1Ocean‬ ‪#‎GoodCause‬ ‪#‎surfersunite‬ 

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POSTED July 30 2015

Christina looking amazing on the island of Antiparos, Greece in her Gypset Atlas sarong.. available here 

Screen shot 2015 06 22 at 5.44.05 pm 366 xxx

POSTED June 22 2015

love weddings where the dress code is gold and feathers! 

Screen shot 2015 05 19 at 11.17.08 am 366 xxx

POSTED June 04 2015

We're going to the island of AntiParos, Greece. July 13-20. if you'd like more info or want to join email me xx Julia xx

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POSTED May 31 2015

Spotted at Barneys New York! Gypset's Rosine dress in indigo Mali print... sooo cool 

Img 5196 366 xxx

POSTED May 26 2015

the Gypset Alima jumpsuit premiered last night in NYC. 

Img 5030 366 xxx

POSTED May 04 2015

Heading to the beach in Gypset's SS15 collection. Lina poncho and Salma shorts. click here to get some

C 366 xxx

POSTED April 17 2015

love Valentino's gypsy inspired spring collection! 

Malibuinvite 366 xxx

POSTED April 06 2015

join the Gypset family for a long lost weekend of surfing, yoga, and parties in Point Dume, Malibu. April 23-26. email me for details

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POSTED March 23 2015

so excited to be featured on One Kings Lane this week!

Screen shot 2015 03 05 at 10.27.08 am 366 xxx

POSTED March 05 2015

sneak peek at the new Rosine dress from Gypset's SS15 collection.. available this April at Barneys and

Img 4120 366 xxx

POSTED March 01 2015

surrealist outtakes from the Gypset +Zoi Zen retreat in Careyes, Mexico last week. dreamy...

Byron 366 xxx

POSTED February 11 2015

feeling a little Byron Bay today! I love these clothes by Gypsy and The Spell Collective...

Gypsetzoizenretreatinvite 366 xxx

POSTED January 21 2015

so excited for the GYPSET + ZOI-ZEN retreat in Careyes, Mexico. February 18-24th. its all about "decadent-well being!" conact Gypset for more info.

Img 3808 366 xxx

POSTED January 11 2015

feliz ano nuevo! greetings from my Sayulita, Mexico tree house xx Julia

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POSTED December 08 2014

Carly Jo, designer of the jewelry brand All For The Mountain and her husband Matthew Morgan in their inspired Topanga Canyon cabin... from the pages of Gypset Living...

Screen shot 2014 11 17 at 3.47.46 pm 366 xxx

POSTED November 17 2014

we had a great launch party for Gypset Living in Venice Beach.. here I am with Toms founder Blake Mycoskie and his beautiful gypset wife Heather. grazie!! xx

Gypsetlivingveniceparty 366 xxx

POSTED November 07 2014

calling all west coast Gypsetters! our Venice Beach book party is Saturday November 15. 5:30-7:30pm at Toms. see you there xx Julia

 1 366 xxx

POSTED November 06 2014

calling all gypsetters in Santa Barbara. We're having a party there for my new book Gypset Living on Friday Nov. 14. please stop by and say hello. xx Julia xx

Ayaminicool 366 xxx

POSTED October 28 2014

sneak peek from Gypset's SS15 collection. The Aya Mini dress inspired by Beni Ourain Berber rugs from Morocco.. for info and preorders email

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POSTED September 16 2014

Trending; Taos, New Mexico: "Taos was a wonderfully sleepy Southwestern town nestled at the foot of the beautiful Sacred Mountain..."

Screen shot 2014 09 01 at 11.56.10 am 366 xxx

POSTED September 01 2014

Gypset Living was featured on Tory today.. the book is about experimental archtiecture and interior design around the world from Mongolia to Bali. It was an amazing journey. so excited for the book to come out September 9th!

Screen shot 2014 08 28 at 11.51.17 am 366 xxx

POSTED August 28 2014

so happy for Gypset to be included in The New York Times' Style story on fashion inspired by Burning Man and global wanderings..two of my favorite things! 

Photo 70 366 xxx

POSTED August 22 2014

me and my daughter Tuesday going for a dip at Cisco Beach in Nantucket. a most beautiful afternoon.

Photo 68 366 xxx

POSTED August 14 2014

another day at the office... Isla del fuego (aka Fire Island)

Screen shot 2014 07 23 at 12.16.10 pm 366 xxx

POSTED July 24 2014

Greek isles on my mind... "Summer Lovers" staring Daryl Hannah filmed in Santorini 1982. A top 10 Gypset style movie.

Art3 366 xxx

POSTED July 23 2014

a litle summer inspiration from the 1970's...

POSTED July 23 2014

From the Atlas, Guethary, France:

POSTED July 23 2014

From the Atlas, Marrakech: Marrakech is certainly one of the most boho romantic places ever. Great lighting (dim and red)...

POSTED July 21 2014

From the Atlas, Villa Panza: Count Panza's spawling 18th...

Photo 27 366 xxx

POSTED July 10 2014

the coolest vintage hippie parade, West Marin, CA... 

Photo 26 366 xxx

POSTED June 30 2014

The Red Sand beach in Hana, Maui... truely inspiring... note the peace sign someone made out of rocks in the middle.

Screen shot 2014 05 29 at 11.11.01 am 366 xxx

POSTED May 29 2014

great feature on Gypset on the cool brand Soludos' site today! my favorite quote: Q: What does summer mean to you in two words. A: sum mer (click twice to read story...)

Screen shot 2014 05 19 at 3.09.52 pm 366 xxx

POSTED May 19 2014

caftan party, anyone?

Screen shot 2014 05 15 at 11.50.47 am 366 xxx

POSTED May 15 2014

Trending: Africana! from Edun to Givenchy tribal geometrics are touristing this spring..

Screen shot 2014 05 07 at 2.52.38 pm 366 xxx

POSTED May 07 2014

sending Ibiza summer vibes via Barbet Schroeder's 1969 cult classic film More... with soundtrack by Pink Floyd...

Screen shot 2014 05 03 at 4.21.18 pm 366 xxx

POSTED May 06 2014

so thrilled that Gypset is featured on Soludos site. here's to all the summer pilgrims in espadrilles. 

Photo 366 xxx

POSTED April 29 2014

Moroccan pop star Hindi Zahra lounging on a camel in Essaouria (photo courtesy of Hindi Zahra)

POSTED April 29 2014

From the Atlas, Tortola: Tortola is hard to reach but once you get there its a pure and rugged paradise. little secret coves...

Screen shot 2014 04 28 at 1.02.15 pm 366 xxx

POSTED April 28 2014

Amazing story in T magazine about Swiss artist NotVital's cool house on a remote island near Patagonia, Chile. He designed it with triangle rooms and a tunnel carved out of marble for the sole purpose of watching the here for full story and photos.

Screen shot 2014 04 23 at 11.39.08 am 366 xxx

POSTED April 23 2014

coolest bag for spring... Hermes' Soie-Cool with Brazil graphic print and leather.

Screen shot 2014 04 14 at 4.14.21 pm 366 xxx

POSTED April 14 2014

Trend Alert: Isabel Marant's new spring moccasins... Native American meets bling Country Western

Photo 22 366 xxx

POSTED April 09 2014

Bomba's Shack in Carrot Bay, Tortola, BVI... classic decor.

POSTED March 31 2014

From the Atlas, Mancora: Mancora is a little town in the north of Peru. On the surface it seems like a dusty, Texas frontier...

Vogue 366 xxx

POSTED March 31 2014

Marrakech + Santa Fe + Sardinia = Summer Fun. Vogue. April, 2014

POSTED March 31 2014

From the Atlas, mogadishu: only kidding...

POSTED March 30 2014

From the Atlas, Nihiwatu: a eco-lux surf resort... the 12 private villas are rustic, the food is organic, but the sweels come...

POSTED March 27 2014

From the Atlas, Jose Ignacio: a little fishing village turned international party playground. its jet set but people act gypset,...

POSTED March 27 2014

From the Atlas, Cabo Polonio: to get to this remote settlement you have to take a 4-wheel drive shuttle, as cars are not allowed....

POSTED March 25 2014

From the Atlas, Byron Bay: dont forget your mocassins and leather mini! Byron Bay is known for its music scene and surf...

POSTED March 25 2014

From the Atlas, Cornwall:

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Genghis Khan Polo Club: stay at the Genghis Khan Polo Club.. sort of like a Lux African safari meets Burning Man

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Lamu, Kenya: make sure to stay in Shela town (not Lamu town) The Peponi Hotel has the coolest/only bar, tiny...

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Ubud:

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Cuixmala:

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Kipahulu: Halemano off-the-grid eco resort, Kipahulu. Cafe Attitude party on Sunday nights, Kipahulu. Laulima...

POSTED March 24 2014

From the Atlas, Hydra:

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 7.07.57 pm 366 xxx

POSTED March 11 2014

love this cool, modernist surf shack in Topanga Canyon... click here for more photos on

Quiver 366 xxx

POSTED February 23 2014

Tribal offering! a quiver of surboards arranged around a Hindu temple overlooking the break in Uluwatu, Bali. at sunset, no less. its the view from outside my window at the Uluwatu Surf Villas, a very cool place to stay and also the summer retreat for pro's like Rob Machado and Tom Carroll. the place is run by gypset couple Tim and Seewah Russo, who also own a surf shop called Drifter (great name!) in Seminyak that sells neoprene bikinis amongst other things.

Gypset 366 xxx

POSTED February 12 2014

the writing is in the sand... a cool little movie we made this afternoon on the beach in Gili Trawagan, Bali.

Photo 19 366 xxx

POSTED February 10 2014

we spent the aftenoon at this little beach in Uluwatu, Bali and added coconuts to this communal land art sculpture. 

Photo 18 366 xxx

POSTED February 03 2014

love these groovy sun umbrellas in Bali. there's even a little pagoda on top...

Screen shot 2014 01 03 at 11.19.26 am 366 xxx

POSTED January 03 2014

the latest country to set fashion trends is not Italy or France or even Brazil...but Peru. once known for basic ethnic backpacker staples, now Inca style has a new look. Pom poms, tassels, and indigenous beading are popping up on espadrilles and mini-dresses this spring. and you dont need to go to Mancora or Machu Picchu to get the look...but of course, you might want to go anyway. click here for the full story and fashion credits in T magazine... 

Screen shot 2013 12 26 at 11.58.19 am 366 xxx

POSTED December 26 2013

everybody loves the sunshine! amazing archival photo from the Sandstone Retreat commune in Topanga Canyon circa 1970.

Screen shot 2013 12 09 at 10.53.24 am 366 xxx

POSTED December 09 2013

In case you needed more reasons the go to Puerto Escondido, Mexico this winter...."Puerto Escondido has remained the hideaway for this low-key bohemian crowd — a mix of surfers, expats and locals, who eke out livings selling fish tacos or fresh juices on the beach, any excuse to never leave this stretch of coast that doesn’t look that much different than it did a half century ago." click here for full story in T magazine...

Photo 56 366 xxx

POSTED November 26 2013

"Live In The Dream..." well put by Coconut Glen roadside in Hana, Maui. 

Screen shot 2013 11 06 at 10.20.40 am 366 xxx

POSTED November 06 2013

loving this just-opened hotel in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Hotel Escondido is the ultimate in surf chic, the traditional palapa (thatched roof cabana) is reimagined with minimal but regoinal style. best of all, its right down the beach from one of the best surf breaks in Mexico. New Year's anyone?

Screen shot 2013 10 16 at 11.09.52 am 366 xxx

POSTED October 16 2013

It's Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) season in Maui's Upcountry. Rodeos, square dancing, and of course, surfing. click here for the full story...

Paulbowles 366 xxx

POSTED October 11 2013

props to the freelance lifestyle: writer Paul Bowles at work in his Tangier, Morocco home. 1947. 

Screen shot 2013 10 04 at 12.29.36 pm 366 xxx

POSTED October 04 2013

Rodarte's latest collection inspired by the "really weird vibes" of Santa Cruz... click here to see the photo essay by photographer Stephen Shore in T mag. A little more Dogtown than Gypset, but who's counting...

Photo 12 366 xxx

POSTED September 23 2013

Guethary, a small town on the Atlantic coast of France in the Basque country, is a real paradise. especially in September when the waves of jewel toned water peel in off the warm Atlantic. Lithe French surfers camp out in dilapidated art deco builidngs. Sunset, of course, is the perfect end ot fhe day ritual. 

A 4.5x 366 xxx

POSTED September 12 2013

loving this coat inspired by Moroccan Berber rugs by designers Proenza Scouler.. shown as part of their Spring 2014 show in NYC

Screen shot 2013 08 23 at 10.37.09 am 366 xxx

POSTED August 23 2013

Backyard Bohemia: actress Lake Bell's groovy garden in Brooklyn. take a look at the spread in Lonny magazine

Screen shot 2013 08 22 at 1.41.55 pm 366 xxx

POSTED August 22 2013

summer lazing in the Basque surf town of Guethary, France... photos courtesy of gypset pal/set designer Kate Dougherty...

Screen shot 2013 08 15 at 11.33.21 am 366 xxx

POSTED August 15 2013

Attention Nantucket Gypsetters! We're having a party at Serenella 4-6pm Saturday August 17. (9B South Beach Street) stop by if you're on island! x

Gypset boheme 366 xxx

POSTED August 05 2013

Tres Chic! Gypset featured in Le Figaro Madame."La bohème des temps modernes..." click here for full story (French friend to translate not included..)

Mongolia 0916 2 366 xxx

POSTED July 26 2013

Road trip Mongolian style. yoga and a Russian UAZ four wheel drive van. no roads, no fences. pure freedom. 

Screen shot 2013 07 16 at 9.35.09 am 366 xxx

POSTED July 16 2013

Gypsetter friend Sabrina Buell interviewed for's APTwithLSD about her weekend house in West Marin wearing the GYPSET Diamond Weekender   "This is me and my daughter, Sylver, walking down the path from the house toward the cliffs.  I always end up wearing Gypset dresses (my friend Julia Chaplin is the designer) when I’m hanging out on the weekends.  You can see the house in the background.  It was a former bed and breakfast so it has all these little cottages all over the property.  We have a dream to turn them all into artist studios and let our artist friends come out and do mini-residencies in them."

Elle 02 july living opener angela lindvall 0712 xln lgn 366 xxx

POSTED July 08 2013

checkout gypset model/environmentalist Angela Lindvall's house in Topanga Canyon...(nothing's better than kundalini under the airy light of a repurposed army parachute.)

Calvi on the rock maillot06 366 xxx

POSTED July 01 2013

Calvi on the Rocks is like the Mediterranean Coachella-- the festival of choice for the Parisian chic crowd. It all takes place on the very cool island of Corsica in the village of Calvi. sun, dj's, and dancing under the stars...bring your bikini! July 5- 10th

Brooke geahan 21 366 xxx

POSTED June 28 2013

click here to check out the Gypset party pics from Long Island's Northfork. the hamptons less traveled! 

Screen shot 2013 06 25 at 5.39.39 pm 366 xxx

POSTED June 25 2013

the spa at the Hotelito Desconocido (little unknown hotel) on Mexico's Pacific Coast... very ranchero Philippe Starck. 

Gypsetlaphoto3 366 xxx

POSTED June 10 2013

Striking a pose at the Gypset summer collection launch party at Cheyann Benedict boutique in Los Angeles. So much fun! 

Flyer hawaii best 366 xxx

POSTED May 30 2013

so excited for the Gypset summer 2013 clothing collection launch at Cheyann Benedict boutique in Los Angeles. stop by the party on June 8th if you're in town!

30yod nichols tmagarticle 366 xxx

POSTED May 01 2013

a new documentary on 1970's LA cult "The Source Family" is totally worth seeing, if just for the amazing cult robes and long here for the story...

0424 juliachaplin 480 366 xxx

POSTED April 26 2013

So happy to finally be an "expert" on something!click here to find out the Gypset "Bohemia 411" on Tory Burch's blog... hint: My favorite travel souvenir is… "I have an amethyst crystal that I keep in my purse. It was given to me byan old hippie named Chuck, who lives in a geodesic dome in Joshua Tree."

Gypset vibe   vogue may   apr 19, 2013, 11 58 am   p1 366 xxx

POSTED April 19 2013

Great article in the May issue of Vogue about cool gypset design firm Commune

Img 8534 366 xxx

POSTED February 27 2013

Greetings from Punta Mita, Mexico. this place is incredible-- a half hour drive from Puerta Vallarta and then surf breaks everywhere. A local surfer dude named Alex took us by boat to a secret break and we surfed until the sun set. At night we hung out in Sayulita and tested out all the different varieties of margaritas. (pictured to my left is a new yogic friend I met in the jungle..)

207712 444980178901911 2095225706 n 366 xxx

POSTED January 17 2013

check out Wild Belle on tour... this photo is the best endorsement ever for learning the guitar

Mongolia 366 xxx

POSTED January 12 2013

Accra, Ghana? Istanbul, Turkey? The New York Times Travel section published its list of the "46 Places To Go In 2013." (click here for the link) Gypset sifted through the whole thing and narrowed it down to 7.1) Rio de Janeiroyes, the World Cup is coming (2014) and the summer Olympics (2016) but we love Rio for lazy days on Ipanema Beach, carnival rehersals, and dancing in little bars in Santa Teresa...2) NicaraguaIts Central America's most optimistic country (Costa Rica is static and on the boring side culturally) plus amazing surf breaks. 3) Stari Grad, Hvar, CroatiaA groovy UNESCO village with old poets and activists; way cooler than trendier Hvartown. 4) Philippineseveryone is searching for the next Bali. Could one of the 7,000 tropical islands here be it?5)Koh Phangan, Thailand.the island where the legendary full moon parties go off. Now getting a stylish makeover with better designed boutique hotels. supposedly. we'll have to watch and see...6) Mongolia.yes! yes! and yes! 7) Accra, Ghana. Mad style, treehouse architecture, and miles of beach...

51n2xmtqv l. ss500  366 xxx

POSTED December 19 2012

so excited that Gypset Travel is #1 on Amazon's list of "lifestyle & events" photography books. woo-hoo!

Gypsettravelnycinvite 366 xxx

POSTED December 10 2012

Gypset Travel launches in NYC with gypset friends Yvonne Force VIllareal, Sara Betran, Mirabelle Marden, Valerie Boster, and Arden Wohl. stop by if you're in town! x Julia

Marieclaire 366 xxx

POSTED November 29 2012

trending in Marie Claire. so cool that Altuzarra and Derek Lam are gypset too. "In Gypset Travel author Julia Chaplin explores the world's most glamorous sanctuaries and the nomads they attract." 

Vogue 366 xxx

POSTED November 21 2012

check out Gypset Travel in Vogue magazine's Holiday Gift Guide..."what to do for the traveler who's already tricked out with more navigational gadgets than NASA? Go in the complete opposite direction...." exactly!!

Gypset invitation 11 01 2012 v2 366 xxx

POSTED November 13 2012

if you're in Venice Beach this Thursday stop by our party for the launch of Gypset Travel! special musical performance by Wardell. wooo-hooo xx

Screen shot 2012 10 17 at 12.38.01 pm 366 xxx

POSTED October 17 2012

Gypset Band Alert: Wild Belle. Elliot Bergman and his kid sister Natalie are heavily influenced by African and jazz music. They're into Afrobeat, tribal masks, Kalmiba, and early rock steady. check out their very neo boho video for "Backslider" shot by younger brother Bennet with their mom's travelouge slides from the 70's and 80's.

302696 10152125603930328 1289152045 n 366 xxx

POSTED October 01 2012

Gypset's fashion week favorite is Isabel Marant's festive Hawaiiana-meets-vintage rock starlet collection. Looking forward to Spring!

Gypset lg 366 xxx

POSTED September 28 2012

Gypset Travel in the Zoe Report today...the book is now being published Nov. 1st. Can't wait!!

406448 10152085329170328 460779557 n 366 xxx

POSTED September 15 2012

Surf's up in Pichilemu, Chile! Great article about it by gypsetter pal Ondine Cohane.

644422 10152083261160328 1787331012 n 366 xxx

POSTED September 14 2012

Marfa, Texas is having its annual open house weekend Oct. 6 and 7. Donald Judd's minimalist desert town, southeast of El Paso, turns into a 48-hour party with art openings, conceptual happenings and eccentrics in pick up trucks and silver belt