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Byron Bay is one of those places that everyone wants to drop their suitcase, surfboards and just relax for a bit. The families in Byron are beautiful, diverse and creative. In this photo my friend styles her 16 year old daughter during a sunset shoot, with a gorgeous naked baby in one hand and a fistful of feathers in the other.
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I first came through Byron Bay over a decade ago when my husband was in the hinterland directing a surf film called Shelter. I’m a city girl so I was pretty floored when I decided, hey, I could stay here. Forever. And indeed when I did make the transition, I tearfully tore myself away from the bright lights of NYC and officially made this my home in 2011.
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There are lots of eccentric characters hanging around in Byron.
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Musician M. Jack Bee is a local favorite, with a huge following and transfixing all with his melodies.
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Traveling musicians living out of their vans is a phenomena here in Byron Bay. This is Melody and I pulled her over one day on the road because I loved how she was growing a garden in the sunlight filled window of her house on wheels.
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The creative community runs rampant in Byron. In all sort of pockets you have those who are hiding out yet checking in when it suits. Artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers and those who have big city burn out and found just the cure.
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"Spell" is two sisters who design accessories and clothing for admirers around the world. They create and inspire with their gypsy chic & free loving lifestyle.
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More offerings from the Spell sisters: Their Byron Bay flagship store is called "Spell - The Gypsy Collective".
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Children all transport by skateboard and surfboards around here…long hair and sun kissed. Blessed by the golden beaches.
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Meat pies are a staple of the Australian diet.
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If I pull all my travels together I think the south of France, meets California, meets the Oregon coastline. Toss in the pureness and environmentally protective country of Australia and you have something close to a green utopia.